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Fly Golden Eagle - FUV Live - 2014

Hear an FUV Live session with Fly Golden Eagle tonight at 9.



Ben Trimble was inspired to start the band Fly Golden Eagle after spending countless hours with his boss’ vast record collection, which included everything from rock to roots. Luckily he found a crew of like-minded musicians right in his home base of Nashville. With Mitch Jones on keys, Richard Harper on drums and Matt Shaw on bass, the band’s line-up was complete. Their most recent release, Quartz, is a 26-song opus inspired by the 1973 film, The Holy Mountain. The songs cohesively reflect the band's varied musical influences and tell a vivid story.

Fly Golden Eagle recently stopped by Studio A to play us some of the new songs and talk about the new album.  You can listen and watch the session here and catch them out at Stage 48 on November 7th.

[recorded: 9/11/14]