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From the FUV Vault: K'Naan

Alisa Ali Chooses K'Naan as one of her favorite FUV sessions

Alisa Ali Chooses K'Naan as one of her favorite FUV sessions


For Words and Music this month, we're dipping into the FUV Vault to revisit some of our favorite sessions. My pick this week is a session I did with Somalian musician, K'Naan from 2009.

It was really inspiring to talk with someone with so much positivity. As one of the last Somalians to be granted an exit visa from his country just before the Civil war, K'Naan knows that he is one very lucky guy, so gratitude shines throughout his music. 

When this session first took place, he had just released his album, Troubadour, but since then he's released another powerful record; last year's Country, God Or The Girl which featured guest performances by Chilly Gonzales, Nelly Furtado and even Bono from U2.

During this interview we mostly talked about his album Troubadour, but we also talked about his philosophy and creative process too. It was a great conversation and performance.

We'll air this session tonight at 9 here on FUV, but you can listen to it anytime in the Vault