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From the FUV Vault: Mumford and Sons

Mumford & Sons' recent visit wasn't the first time they'd been live on FUV. Look back to their 2010 FUV Live show, tonight at 9pm.

From FUV Live shows with audiences of our Marquee Members to festival broadcasts from around the country, live music has a home on the radio here at FUV, and it's listener support that keeps it coming. So for Public Radio Music Month, we're looking back at some of the great live performances you've been able to hear on FUV. In 2010, before headlining festivals and selling out arenas, Mumford & Sons played an FUV Live show on the day of their debut album's U.S. release — and what an introduction it was.

Listen live tonight at 9pm on FUV, or anytime online.