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Gay Marriage Opponents Rally in Bronx


Gay marriage opponents rally in the Bronx, while pressure mounts to get a marriage equality bill passed in Albany.

In the Bronx Thursday, gay marriage opponents rallied outside the offices of Senator Ruben Diaz, the only Democrat against the marriage equality bill.

Pura Coniglio, a lawyer and ordained minister, said passage would be a big mistake. “If we allow this than how far do we go” Pura said. “You’re violating a standard that is the foundation; it’s the nucleus and what [has] held together the family in the American way of life as we know it."

In a closed door meeting Thursday, the Republican Senate failed to decide to put the gay marriage bill up for a vote. 

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with Republican senators and said he thinks the bill would pass if it went to the Senate floor. 

Mayor Bloomberg said his feeling is based on talking with several senators, not a head count.  The Mayor's a strong supporter of gay marriage. 

An unofficial tally by gay marriage advocates indicates the bill may be just one vote away from passage in the Senate.  The measure has already cleared the Assembly. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report