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Good Like Glickman

WFUV Sports

A Tribute to Marty

Marty Glickman was a great athlete, a great broadcaster and a great broadcast coach. His prowess on the football field and in track is well documented.  The Olympic snub shall forever remain an embarrassment to the USOC.  “Swish”, “good, like Nedicks”. “It’s high enough, it’s deep enough, it’s good” and “a couple a-three yards” became part of New York broadcasting lexicon.  He created the method and set the standard for broadcasting basketball on the radio and he was the reason people turned down the TV sound to hear Giants’ football on the radio.

The High School Game of the Week was a seventeen-year payback to the youth of the city and to the PSAL for helping him develop as an athlete.  And he treated this weekly broadcast with the same preparation and care he gave to the collegians and pros.

He put to rest the old adage, “Those that can, do.  Those that can’t, teach.”  He could.  He did. And then he taught, becoming the industry’s foremost broadcast coach.  Marty had been helping young broadcasters throughout his career, but it was at NBC that he became the “coach” to help the athletes turned broadcasters learn how to do it correctly.  

And in 1988 he came to WFUV to work with the student broadcasters and teach them the right way to do football and basketball.I am sure that if you turn on a radio or TV station anywhere in the country, you will hear the sound of someone who was coached, helped or touched by Marty.

Yes, Marty Glickman was a great athlete, a great broadcaster and a great broadcast coach.  More importantly, he was a special person.

Marty Glickman was one of those rare human beings who made the world richer by just being on it.  Those of us who knew him and had him as a part of our lives were truly blessed.