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Group Says NJ Should Fix Existing Roads and Bridges


The Tri State Transportation Campaign says starting new projects takes attention away from other types of roadwork.

The Tri State Transportation Campaign wants New Jersey to fix existing roads and bridges, rather than start new construction projects.

In their analysis of the state's 2012 capital program, the Transportation Campaign recommended that lawmakers recommit to the "fix-it-first" policy that the state implemented in 2000. This policy ensures that resources are allocated to existing roads and bridges, rather than starting new projects. The transportation advocacy group also said the state should call off all projects that do not offer sustainable congestion relief. They said the state cannot afford to pay for road expansion projects that do little to reduce traffic congestion.

"Adding new roads is just going to increase to deficiency in our current roads and bridges. Potholes are just going to get worse, bridges are just going to get worse, and roads are going to deteriorate," said Janna Chernetz with the Tri State Transportation Campaign.

The Transportation Campaign said Governor Christie's five year, eight billion dollar transportation plan allocates too much money to new projects, including new roads that would link to the Holland Tunnel. But Christie said his plan will improve the state's infrastructure.

"Ensuring these critical transportation projects move forward will create thousands of Jersey jobs. By responsibly investing in projects over the next five years we're putting New Jerseyeans to work now and in the future."