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Guided Hike to Rockland's Abandoned Town On Tap

Guided Hike to Rockland's Abandoned Town On Tap This Weekend
Former resident of Doodletown will accompany hikers

A public health initiative in Rockland County, takes people on guided hikes of the area.  This weekend's hike will take people to Rockland's lost town.

It's a hike to the abandoned village of Doodletown.  In the 1960's residents were forced to leave through the government's use of eminent domain.  The land is now part of Bear Mountain State Park.  Kathy Galione, part of the group sponsoring the hike says this one offers an unusual opportunity.

"The unique part of this is that we actually have a resident of Doodletown who can lead the walk and talk about what life was like growing up there and what it was like to be asked to leave your home after living in it."

That resident, Ellen McGuire, talked with me about what it's like to have the town you grew up in, simply not be there anymore.

"It's sad because there was a whole hamlet, a whole village-town, of people, who aren't there anymore."

She says she hopes people get something special from the hike this weekend.

"I'm hoping that it will take sort of a step back in time for some people."

For more information visit the Steps to a Healthier Rockland County website.


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