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Hunts Point Mural Unveiled

South Bronx Rising, Like a Phoenix from the Ashes.
"Bronx Rising" artists hope to celebrate and inspire the community.

The work is massive; it captivates with its vibrant colors and powerful imagery.  The community-inspired mural features a young girl as it's focal point.  She is supported on either side by elders, which symbolize those who paved the way to make the South Bronx a safer place.  Pollution and traffic coil around the child, depicting the environmental and transportation challenges of the neighborhood over which the mural hangs.  But the main theme is inspiration and hope.  The mural references newly renovated parks in Hunts Point, and imagines a future with brilliant green spaces and active community projects.  "Don't Move; Improve," it says in bold black letters within the rings of a rising phoenix.

"The mural's called 'Bronx Rising,' and it presents a community-inspired vision for the Hunt's Point neighborhood on the rise," says Amy Sananman, the executive director of Groundswell.  Groundswell is a public art organization that highlights social issues with the help of community members.  The group of young artists that worked on this project - researching, planning, and creating - includes DJ Aken.  He lives in Hunts Point, and says he's grateful for what the mural can do for his community.

"I see inspiration. I see hope. I see creativity, and a lot of responsibility.

"Bronx Rising" is the final mural in a series of five tilted "StreetWise: Hunts Point."

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