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Iowa Firm Helps Move 9/11 Memorial Trees


Company president Chris Holland says he's honored to be a part of a national project.

With less than 3 months to go before the 9/11 memorial site opens to the public, crews are working to get the final details in place.

One of the site's main features is a sweeping plaza filled with oak trees. The trees, weighing up to 10 tons each, aren't easy to move, which is why the company planting them turned to an Iowa firm to design a special piece of equipment.

Chris Holland is the president of Holland Moving and Rigging Supplies, the company that designed the tree mover. He said his machine  "basically picks the trees up and then navigates through the plaza. It's self propelled, it has a wireless remote, and there's a lifting mechanism on there that will lower the tree beneath ground level."

Holland added that he was honored to get the call, "everybody here put a lot of extra effort and time into doing it for us to help out, be a part of the solution to complete the 9/11 memorial."

The 9/11 Memorial opens to the general public on September 12th. Visitors can reserve passes online starting July 11th.