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Liberty Report 6/6: Skidding Into June

Liberty try to do 180

The Liberty continued to slide on Tuesday, dropping their third straight game 87-75 to the San Antonio Stars. It was the tale of two halves for New York, with the score 47-46 San Antonio after the first two quarters, and a scoring barrage in the 3rd by San Antonio, who outscored the Liberty 25-10 by the Stars. The Liberty played a strong fourth quarter but it was too little too late. Poor defense and turnovers were the story of the game as the New York gave up 87 points, tying a season high.

The Liberty started the season with a road win in Connecticut, but since then they have lost 4 of their last 5 and are looking for consistency. With a record of 2-5, they currently sit in a tie for last place in the Eastern Conference. Second half play has been a problem for the Liberty all season, as 3 of their 5 losses have been decided by 10 points or less; and there are cases like tonight in which there was a third quarter collapse. Coach Laimbeer stressed that the attitude of the team in the second half was a major cause for concern. He stated that “We have to be mentally stronger. We’re not good enough to overcome those kind of mistakes.” Those mistakes included 21 total turnovers in the game, finishing the game with more turnovers than assists (17). Laimbeer expressed concern about the team. “We got into the second half and we just lost our brain,” he said, “and I hope that’s not our M.O because that’s who we were last year.” Laimbeer said he planned on having a meeting on Friday with the team to have them discuss what they think is going wrong during this recent losing skid.

Laimbeer and the Liberty are trying to avoid a season like they had last year, one filled with inconsistencies and losing streaks that eventually landed them a 11-23 record. Although it is still early in the season, Sunday’s game against the Washington Mystics will be a big one for the Liberty as they try to avoid their fourth straight loss and fall into a deeper hole.

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