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Life in the Minors - Chapter 1: First Impressions

Priyanka Badlani -


In the opening chapter, WFUV reporters get their "First Impressions" of the new Staten Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cyclones.

Minor League Baseball: How does it differ from the majors? For the 11th consecutive year, WFUV goes behind the scenes with the Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees  In the Short Season Single-A NY-Penn League, it's long bus rides, low pay, and 76 games in 80 days.  This is our look at Life in the Minors: How the Other Half Lives.

Mack Rosenberg, Brooklyn Cyclones Beat Reporter 

The thrill of being a first time professional ball player, for most, doesn't usually occur until a few weeks into the season, but for the Brooklyn Cylcones players, the thrill comes in those first few minutes when they first step onto the dirt at MCU park. In that moment, they realize that they are right where they need to be. They are professional ball players in New York City.

What exactly are the early reactions for these Brooklyn players? A few have played here before, a few have some minor league experience elsewhere, and the rest are fresh out of college or high school. They can't quite compare it to any other place they've ever seen before, and rightfully so. Still, these young men are just getting their feet wet in a brand new life experience. In time they should properly be able to acclimate themselves into their new home.

Eric Mollo, Staten Island Yankees Beat Reporter

The players were excited and the common theme of all their answers was that this is a high class organization. The expectations are to win year inand year out. They all recognized the infinitely high expectations of New York, and they seemed really anxious to go out and play baseball.

For most of them, it was one of the first times they had ever been interviewed. When talking about their first time in a Yankee uniform, they seemed to be more focused on playing games rather than getting caught up in the fact that they were Baby Bombers.

I asked centerfielder Mason Williams specifically about his approach to playing for the Single-A Yankees. He said that he'll just try to keep the same approach he's always had and that at the end of the day, he's playing the same game that he has played his whole life.

Each ballplayer felt honored to wear the Yankee name. They felt this is the best organization to play for in order to help develop their baseball skills and allow players to take their game to the next level. The guys were truly humbled professionals though, realizing that they had a long way to go before they could wear a New York Yankee uniform.