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Life in the Minors- Chapter 11: Food

Photo Credit: Charlie Maisano// WFUV Sports


Episode 11- Food


Brooklyn Cyclones

By Joey Dayon


         As the Cyclones have been eliminated from postseason contention, it's time to focus on more enjoyable things like food. This week we caught up with some of the Cyclones to see how they took advantage of the New York food scene.

        Cyclone pitcher Kurtis Horne found himself enjoying good old fashion pizza. Horne got to try legendary pizza shops like artichoke Pizza and L and B Spumoni Gardens.

Other Brooklyn players like Matt Winaker enjoyed a steak at Peter Luger Steakhouse, another New York hot spot to grab a meal.

        For Jeremy Vazquez he keeps it simple, unable to go out and try the food he's been craving in China town , he settled with the post game meals in the locker room of chicken, and spaghetti.

Whether pizza chicken or steak, when it comes to eating right on the field each Brooklyn player gets together with a nutritionist to maximize they're potential on the field and raise their play.

Food for these players can be a savior from the game they have played all summer with barely any time off.



Hudson Valley Renegades

By Jon DeBaro


            With the demanding New York Penn League regular season drawing to a close, the Hudson Valley Renegades must be feeling the toll of the grueling, jammed packed schedule. Some of these players ensure that they stay in playing shape through careful planning of their diets. Others stick to a special gameday meal to get them ready for action. All players, however, make sure to enjoy some of New York’s classic dishes when visiting the Big Apple.

Renegades pitcher, Nick Padilla, believes that his diet has a direct impact on how he feels on the field. A gameday diet heavy in fruit and fiber have him feeling his best on the mound. A Bronx native, Padilla is no stranger to the good eats NYC has to offer. Not every Renegade is treated to New York food as often as Padilla, fellow pitcher Tobias Myers makes sure to stop by some Staten Island delis when he’s in town. When it comes to overall nutrition, the nineteen-year-old Myers feels that nutrition will play a bigger role in his performance once he gets older.

            Renegades catcher, Zacrey Law, is a big fan of NYC pizza and make sure to grab a few slices on his visits to New York. Fortunately for Law, his go to pregame meal, Chipotle, is available wherever he’s playing. Nutrition is a vital factor in athletic performance. It’s no surprise that these minor leaguers take their diets seriously to ensure that they’re showing their best selves on the field. These guys don’t always let their strict diets keep them from enjoying their favorite foods, however, especially when they’re in New York City.