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Life in the Minors - Chapter 7: NYC Experience



Mack Rosenberg and Kevin Sutcliffe talk to minor leaguers about what it means to play in the big city.

Minor League Baseball: How does it differ from the majors? For the eleventh consecutive year, WFUV goes behind the scenes with the Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees In the Short Season Single-A NY-Penn League, it's long bus rides, low pay, and 76 games in 80 days. This is our look at Life in the Minors: How the Other Half Lives.

Mack Rosenberg, Brooklyn Cyclones Beat Reporter

As the season is now in full swing, these young studs have had some interesting experiences as not only professional baseball players, but New York professional baseball players. 

Some have had the time to get to New York City, as it helps them to soak up the glory that comes with playing in the city that never sleeps. However, others are focused on why they are here. They are focused on playing the game and getting better at it. The Big Apple just serves as a back drop to the beginning of some illustrious and adventurous baseball careers. And what better backdrop to have? 

We caught up with a few players who had these differing opinions on how careers in New York should commence. They all had captivating perspectives.

Kevin Sutcliffe, Staten Island Yankees Beat Reporter

Playing in New York City has negative and positive consequences. New York players are under tons of pressure, the media constantly follows them, and the city itself is not the most relaxing place to live. On the other hand, many players come to New York for multi-million dollar contracts, advertising deals and the high profile social scene. Even without these perks, the Staten Island Yankees still enjoy playing in the Big Apple.


Staten Island Outfielder Mason Williams enjoys playing in New York, but he says winning a lot of games also helps. Additionally, Reliever Zach Arneson believes that team chemistry has contributed to the good times he has had playing in Staten Island.


Many of the Staten Island Yankees have had a chance to explore the city. One aspect of New York City that is often praised by its residents is public transportation efficiency. Still, Catcher Wes Wilson is not a big fan of the subway system and the Staten Island Ferry. He calls it a “production” to get into Manhattan.  


No matter where they come from, these baby bombers all enjoy playing in New York City. If anything, it seems that the spotlights and pressures that come with playing in New York have only enhanced their experience.