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Life in the Minors - Chapter 9: Off Days and Hobbies


WFUV Sports finds out what the Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees do during their rare off-days.

Mack Rosenberg, Brooklyn Cyclones Beat Reporter

For the players of the Staten Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cylcones, an off day is always welcome. They've had just two to this point in the season and have only four for the whole season! 76 games in 80 days is no joke for these players, who like to do a variety of things with their sacred 24 free hours when they come.

Some play video games, most sleep, but I found it interesting that some of them like to get away from baseball. You'd figure that they would need a break from the ins and outs of the game, playing every single day and having to be at the ballpark 7 hours before a game. Guys like to read and do some other things that take them away from the game before they have to get right back to it.

Overall, though, the players are humble about off days. Their just glad to be playing baseball for a living.

Sean Mercer, Staten Island Yankees Beat Reporter

In the Short Season Single A New York-Penn League, off days are few and far between as the schedule dictates that the players play 76 games in an 80 day period. Because these off days are so rare they take on a whole new meaning for these players.

In talking to members of the Staten Island Yankees I found that most players like to use the off days to recharge their batteries as they are just physically and mentally wiped out from preparing every day for a game. Yankees Pitcher Fred Lewis said that he tries to get as much sleep as possible and also enjoyed playing video games on his off days. Catcher Nick McCoy had a different approach to off days. He said that he enjoyed reading a lot on his days off.

However different, the activities that these players choose to do on off days one thing is constant: they find them to be extraordinarily valuable.