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Life in the Minors, Episode 7: Life Without Baseball

Photo Credit: Charlie Maisano // WFUV Sports


This week's episode of Life in the Minors, as heard on this Saturday's One-on-One, can be heard below. 

Episode 7- Life Without Baseball

Brooklyn Cyclones

By Joey Dayon 

  With just under 30 games left in the season, the Brooklyn Cyclones are looking to finish the season on a high note. This week we caught up with a couple of Cyclones and asked what their jobs may have been if they weren’t professionals on the diamond.

   For Jeremy Wolfe, the only job in his life has been baseball. However, when discussing life without baseball, he said he would be very happy with playing another sport. Wolfe believes that if he had the ability to drive a race car professionally that it would be "really fun and cool". Wolfe also pointed out his interest in people and how he would love to tell stories through documentaries and film-making.  

   Other Brooklyn Cyclones like Reed Gamache have experienced life outside of baseball. Gamache grew up working for his father’s rental company as a youngster. When speaking about what career path he would choose other than baseball, Reed replied that he would love to be a teacher and give back to little kids by instilling his knowledge on them.

   Although these guys are Baseball players at heart and in reality it seems like they wouldn’t be too lost if they pursued another career in many different fields.

Hudson Valley Renegades 

By Chris Calamari

While every young ballplayers dream is to play in the minor leagues and to become a major league baseball player, without baseball their lives may be very different. Many players have other aspirations and jobs that they could have been doing had it not been for their love of the game of baseball. Hudson Valley Renegades pitcher Mikey York feels that he would be completely engrossed in the college lifestyle without the minor leagues. Other players could see themselves going back to school, but still remaining involved in the game that they love like catcher Zac Law. Law sees himself as someone who would become a coach of baseball as he could not get away from the sport he has grown so attached to.

Even though playing professional baseball is each of these players dream, some players still like to imagine playing other professional sports. Mikey York said that he loves hockey and everything that goes with it. The hair of the players, the attitude when they step on the rink, and the sport itself. Other players like Drew Strotman and Zac Law would play other sports that they grew up loving. For Strotman, he would play golf since it was a sport that he would have played had it not conflicted with baseball season. For Law, he would have played football because he played it throughout his childhood.

These players current job is to be a minor leaguer for the Hudson Valley Renegades, but for many of them this was not their first job. Mikey York began as an assistant for a physical therapist running errands and doing different tasks to help with day to day work. Drew Strotman began his working career on the golf course, teaching him to be responsible. While being a minor leaguer is a privilege and the dream of these players right now, they hope to make it their permanent career for the many years to come.