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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Lindsay Fuller - Words and Music - 2012

Wednesday at 9pm on Words and Music: Southern Gothic songwriting from Seattle? Indeed. Meet Lindsay Fuller.

Lindsay Fuller's new album 'You, Anniversary' isn't without light -- it's just buried under some beautiful layers of heavy truths. The songs of this Seattle-based, Alabama-bred writer caught the ears of Dave Matthews (who signed her to his label) and Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls (who guests on the new album), so now her Southern Gothic sound is set to travel. One stop was FUV's Studio A for a conversation with host Alisa Ali, who says "For a lady who seems to thinks about death a lot, Lindsay Fuller is surprisingly upbeat. In fact she was super-friendly and really funny too. I hate to get all new age-y on you, but she really had a warm spirit. And, after the interview, we had a long conversation about dogs, which makes me like her even more!" [recorded: 02/28/12]