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A Look Inside the Newly-Renovated Madison Square Garden

Billion-Dollar Project Showcased

"Madison Square Garden Transformed" was debuted today in front of media and VIP Guests, and in addition to added WiFi, concessions, and restrooms (over a 20% increase in both), several changes have been made to seating to enhance the experience.

This is the view from above the re-done entrance lobby. Above the doors on the ceiling is a videoboard, which opposes another one across the way. They showed a sample video on there, and it's surprisingly not difficult to watch even though it's right above you. The image quality is sharp as well.

The GardenVision, increased in size from 1,120 to 3,400 square feet will be a welcomed sight to all fans. Spectators with seats close to the floor/ice will be able to view Garden Vision thanks to a small screen and statistics monitors located inside the four-sided videoboard. This was a necessary change.

The view from some of the club seats and added suites (there are seven more). The large, new, GardenVision is easy to see, plus the iconic celing of the Garden is showcased. The suites themselves are upscale, with a 70-foot TV set inside. Just in case you feel like watching the game, but not watching the game. Or, maybe you want to catch a football game.

This is the biggest change to the Garden: two new bridges. This is the North Bridge, which seats 355 (the South Bridge seats 75). There are barstools, as you can see, as well as a few rows of seats that give you a truly unique view of the action. On one side, there's the Garden crowd, and on the other, there's the action. This level connects to the top floor of the Garden, an all-new floor which displays Wayne Gretzkey's locker upon entrance from the elevator.

This is the view from the front row of a skybridge seat. This was taken through a glass pane, which is the only thing that keeps you from falling into the box seats. It's a 43 degree angle to the court, and, as you will see in the next photo, is unlike the seats in the back row. I think these seats will be worth the cost. According to an offical, these have already been purchased for some games.

Finally, this is the view from the very back row of the Garden. The Bridge doesn't obstruct your view to the floor, surprisingly, and three added GardenVision boards atatched to each bridge ensure you get a full view of the scoreboard. This was one of the biggest problems with the nosebleeds in years past; the inability to see the score. Not only can you view a scoreboard now, but when you enter the walkway in the back to go get a drink, you'll still be able to watch the game.

The renovations in MSG have ensured the fan that they won't have a bad seat upon purchasing a ticket to a game in the future. There's a 21st-century feel to The World's Most Famous Arena now, and the viewing experience has been improved significantly.

Fans get their first look at the Garden when the Knicks host the Bucks Friday night in their final Preseason game.


Photo Credits: Rebecca Taylor/MSG Photos, Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports, Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports, Rebecca Taylor/MSG Photos, Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports, Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports