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Lower Manhattan Bakery Creates "Thanksgivukkah" Donuts

Lower Manhattan Bakery Creates "Thanksgivukkah" Donuts
As two food-centric holidays collide, Zucker Bakery celebrates with a new treat.

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are going to collide tomorrow, and many Jewish Americans will celebrate what some are calling "Thanksgivukkah."

Zucker Bakery is a tiny hole-in-the-wall that seats about a dozen people at most and plays music from bands you've probably never heard of.  But, if you live in New York City, you might have heard of their so-called "Thanksgivukkah donuts."

Zucker Bakery owner Zohar Zohar has been hard at work in front of the friar, stuffing balls of dough with Thanksgiving standards like turkey, cranberry sauce, and marshmallow cream.  She churns out about three hundred donuts per day, and they always sell out within an hour.  Zohar said she's glad New Yorkers are eager to celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and good food, but she's not interested in a "Cronut-like craze" that swept the city this past summer.

"I don't want it to be a gimmick," Zohar explained, "I want it to be a real, nice thing for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.  I hope it's going to stay about celebrating these two holidays together, and people coming in and tasting [the donuts] and trying them out."

Zohar is originally from Israel and opened Zucker Bakery with her husband two years ago.  She says the "Thanksgivukkah donuts" will not become a regular menu item.  And, perhaps, appropriately so - Thanksgiving and Hanukkah won't fall on the same day again for thousands of years.

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