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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

The Mastersons - Words and Music - 2012

Wednesday at 9pm on Words and Music: It's a little bit Texas and a little bit Brooklyn, as The Mastersons perform songs from their debut.

Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore each have long resumes in music, but the couple has just released their debut album as The Mastersons, called 'Birds Fly South', and they recently performed a few songs at FUV. Says host Claudia Marshall: 'Chris Masterson was wearing the geekiest glasses I think I have ever seen (high praise coming from me, as I have some pretty nerdy-looking vintage frames myself), and Chris and wife Eleanor also share my love of a pricey, British shoe designer. All of this to say that they seem to be tailor-made for their current home in Brooklyn rather than their home state of Texas, though they do return to Dallas for the holidays. No, Chris and Eleanor - gypsies like most musicians - fit in perfectly here in their adopted hometown, but their music often reminds me of the Minnesota-based Jayhawks. Geography and fashion aside, there is plenty to love about The Mastersons' Americana pop, but don't take it from me: Steve Earle likes them so much he added both to his band and even featured the duo during his last tour. High praise, indeed.' [recorded: 04/10/12]