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Mayor Bloomberg Calls Obama's Gay Marriage Stance, "Huge Step"

Mayor Bloomberg Calls Obama's Gay Marriage Stance, "Huge Step"
Bloomberg applauds the President's new position on legalizing gay marriage.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls President Barack Obama's stand on gay marriage "a major turning point in the history of American civil rights."

The Mayor joined gay New Yorkers praising Obama's statement Wednesday supporting same-sex marriage as "a huge step" toward nationwide equality.

Activist Cathy McElrath Renna and her wife are mothers to their 6-year-old daughter. McElrath Renna says Americans don't yet realize the impact Obama's position will have on young gay people, their parents and friends - coming from one of the world's most powerful people.

A party is being prepared at Stonewall Inn, a Manhattan bar where riots in 1969 signaled the start of the gay revolution.

Manager Peggy Phelan says people are calling to make sure the famed bar is open so they can celebrate.