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Mayors Unite to Tackle Urban Issues

Mayors Unite to Tackle Urban Issues
Mayors across the country are uniting to tackle issues affecting the nation's cities.
Members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors have teamed up to form what they're calling the Cities of Opportunity Task Force.  It's a united front to improve social and economic opportunities for urban residents.
A report by the Conference of Mayors reveals jobs gained since the last recession pay over twenty percent less than jobs lost, despite overall recovery.  It also indicates the nation's wealthiest residents enjoyed most of the gains.  
New York City Mayor De Blasio says Washington's neglected to address this growing inequality. He says it's up to city governments to create change.
"Rather than curse the darkness and say, 'Well, there hasn't been an effective national urban agenda for years;' we're going to light the single candle, and say, 'Let it be us who start it,'" he said.

De Blasio says closing the income gap's a top priority for the task force.  He says they're also focused on expanding early childhood education, improving housing and infrastructure, and providing residents with technology required to stay afloat in the digital age.  
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