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Mets Look to Keep the Ball Rolling

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Cohesion Present in Young Mets Locker Room

The Amazin’ Mets have opened up the season at 5-3. To be honest, it’s really difficult to get your hopes up when it comes to the boys from Queens.  For the past couple of seasons, the Mets have gotten off to some great starts, instilling hope and pride in their fans from around the Tri-State area.  As soon as the All-star break comes, though, things start to head downhill and the team usually finishes several games out of first and a record sub-.500. 

I’m weary of saying I have some hope for Los Mets this year, but seeing as it’s still the beginning of the season, I’ll take the plunge (that’s not to say I won’t change my mind later in the season).  The Mets, on a whole, are a young team with an average age of a little over 28 years old.  Many-a-time, younger players are out to make a name for themselves before they do what might be best for the team *cough* Bryce Harper *cough*.  With that said though, this “play for the name on the back” attitude is seemingly non-existent in the Mets’ clubhouse. 

Players like Ike Davis (26 years old), Daniel Murphy (28), Lucas Duda (27), and Matt Harvey (24) have some of the most pride and grit any manager could ask for.  Led by Captain America, or Captain David Wright (who seems like a grandpa at 30 compared to some of his teammates), these young players have a great desire to play as a cohesive team and do whatever it takes to help their team win.  Ike Davis, while not playing so hot as of late, continues to keep his head up and focus on playing well for his teammates.  When questioned about his .148 average in the seasons 8 games, he responded that he’s confident his stroke will return soon, and that even with this sub-par average, he is hitting better this year than he was last year at this time.  With his positive attitude about his personal performance carrying over into his attitude in regards to supporting his teammates, Ike is still playing a major role in the clubhouse. 

Of course, hot streaks and good plays uplift the team as well.  Young starter Matt Harvey has been DEALING as of late.  In his first 2 stars, Harvey is 2-0 with a 0.64 ERA and an astounding 19 K’s.  As the season goes on, Harvey will be knocked around here and there- as will every other pitcher in the league – but I believe he will continue to post great numbers for the club.  Manager Terry Collins said in a recent press conference that Harvey is one of the hardest working, most focused players on the team.  With Harvey dominating on the mound and a positive attitude floating around the clubhouse, the Mets immediate future looks bright.