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Mets Stadium Mall Proposal Pays Tenants to Vacate

Mets Stadium Mall Proposal Pays Tenants to Vacate
Willets Point tenants offered rent subsidies

Small businesses in a blighted area near the New York Met's stadium are being offered payment equal to a year's rent if they vacate by the end of November to make way for a retail-and-entertainment mall.

The Wall Street Journal says the city sent out the letters to 90 businesses, mostly auto-body repair and scrapyard shops in Willets Point.

The city has long said that the businesses would have to relocate for the project to be realized.

The journal says some tenants are pushing to relocate in a large group or groups elsewhere in the city.

The city said the $3.5 million it offered for rent subsidies in the Aug. 9 letters was in addition to up to $9 million that's still available with relocation.