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Mike Breen Joins One on One from Memphis

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Voice of the NBA on ESPN breaks down Conference Finals

Mike Breen, the voice of the NBA on ESPN and ABC, and the Knicks on MSG joined myself and Eric Mollo this afternoon on the show to talk all things NBA Playoffs. We started off the discussion with tonight's game three in the western conference finals between the Spurs and the Grizzlies. With San Antonio leading 2-0 heading into Memphis, what's the key for the Grizz?

Of course we touched on the Eastern Conference finals between the Pacers and the Heat. After a dramatic and fun filled first two games of the series, both teams have a win. Now thew series shifts to Indiana for game three tomorrow, and there are many story lines involved. Should the Heat be worried? Can the Pacers sustain their level of play?

And finally, we had to get Mike's take on the team he covers during the regular season. Was the Knicks season a success, and did Mike Woodson make some questionable decisions?

Listen to the interview below, and don't miss Mike's call of game three between the Spurs and Grizzlies from Memphis tonight at 9!


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