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Mike Pelfrey's NCAA Bracket

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Mike Pelfrey Explains Every NCAA Tournament Match-Up

Mets Starting Pitcher Mike Pelfrey isn't only a baseball fan, he also loves college basetball. The Wichita State University alum has season tickets to watch his Shockers team as well the Kansas Jayhawks team he's rooted for his entire life.

"In the entire bracket, there are only about 10 good teams, and after that there's a big drop off, so I would look for the #1 and #2 seeds to make it pretty far," Pelfrey said. All the #1 and #2 seeds made it to the Elite 8 in his bracket with Missouri emerging from the West as the only #2 seed in the Final Four.

It's apparent that Pelfrey also likes the #3 seeds as all of them advanced to the Sweet 16 in his bracket.

As for early upsets, he didn't foresee too many. In the round of 64, #10 Purdue will take down #7 St. Mary's and #10 West Virginia will beat #7 Gonzaga. One round later, Pelfrey saw two #5 seeds taking down #4's. Vanderbilt will defeat Wisconsin and his Wichita State Shockers top the Indiana Hoosiers.

In the Final Four, Pelfrey thinks Kentucky and Missouri will decide it. "For me, I think the National Championship game will be Missouri-Kentucky. I really like Missouri, but I think Kentucky is probably too good, so I think Kentucky wins it all."

You can take a look at Pelfrey's full bracket here and listen to how Pelfrey came up with all his picks below.

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