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More NYC Residents Commuting in Outer Boroughs than Ever


A new study finds more New York City residents are commuting within the outer boroughs than ever before.

That's according to the Center for an Urban Future.  But the study's author says city public transit authorities haven't kept up with the changing trends.

According to the report, over the past decade the outer boroughs have experienced job growth, with an average increase in jobs ranging from four to nearly eight percent. Most of these jobs are found in health care and education.

But Manhattan has had a net loss of 109,029 jobs.

David Giles authored the study. He says a new focus needs to be placed on public transit outside Manhattan, specifically, the bus system.

"New York buses are slower than in almost every major city in U.S They arent trustowrthy. A lot more needs to be done to speed them up and make them a more dependable form of transit," Giles said.

Giles says a creating more deicated bus lanes is one fix. He says another improvement would be to instal GPS tracking technology in each bus that riders can access from home.

"Buses are more often than not, are not on time. They leave the bus stop early, they come late, they break down. It would be a boon to a lot of working poor people to a lot of working people in the city to know when exactly that next bus is going to come."

The MTA says it has not seen the report and couldn't comment.