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MTA Reveals Long-Term Plans

MTA Reveals Long-Term Plans
Chairman Prendergast details the MTA"s four-year Capital Plan.

The MTA discussed long-term plans for New York City's regional transit network today.

At a hearing with state lawmakers, MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast laid out the details of the MTA's Capital Plan for 2015 to 2019. He says his first priorities in the four-year plan are smaller repairs.

"These types of projects may not be glamorous, but together with the normal replacement of our trains and buses, they are key to moving the people safely and reliably," Prendergast said.

But Prendergast also wants to finish the final phase of the Second Avenue Subway after the first section opens in 2016, and expand the Select Bus Service. He says bigger projects are critical for the region's future.

"If you look across the globe at other financial centers of the world, they are making investments in the critical infrastructure they have. But not only in maintenence and repair, but also expansions of the system," explained Prendergast.

But some lawmakers expressed concern over the potential cost.

A finalized plan will wil be submitted for approval on October 1st.

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