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Musician Turns 9/11 Survivor Stories into Songs

Musician Turns 9/11 Survivor Stories into Songs
Album Gets Released October 21

A dozen years after 9/11, an American composer has turned memories of grief into survivor songs - some of them surprisingly joyous.

Composer Jake Heggie says Sunday his new album titled "Here/After (songs of lost voices)" is meant to create a sense of hope.

The singers on the album reflect the stories of actual 9/11 survivors from around the country. Their songs express thoughts about lost loved ones as they sort belongings left behind. One set of songs is called "Pieces of 9-11."

Grammy-winning songwriter Gene Scheer used real people's spoken words for the lyrics. Adults and children shared sometimes whimsical stories about dead spouses, fathers and friends.

One song asks the emotionally tricky questions: "What's beyond your anger? What's beyond your sorrow?"

The album will be released Oct. 21.