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'My Story Has Never Changed' Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tells House Committee


Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a House Committee clearly divided down partisan lines on Tuesday that his "story has never changed" about his and other Trump campaign officials' connections to Russia.

The hearing was the first time Sessions appeared before the House Judiciary Committee as attorney general, but he's frequented other panels investigating Russia's, giving almost "20 hours" of testimony this

"I would gladly have reported it, had I remembered it, because I pushed back against his suggestion that I thought may have been improper" he said of Papadopoulos

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is back on Capitol Hill Tuesday for an oversight hearing by the House Judiciary Committee. But a lot of talk about Russia is expected.

It may not be quite the grilling he has had in the past, though, as this committee is led by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., who has been reluctant to criticize Sessions and is also among the lawmakers who want to investigate Hillary Clinton more than the Trump campaign. That won't stop Democrats from asking their own questions, though.

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