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NBA All-Star Voting - A Flawed System

Time for a new system for NBA's midseason showcase

What a joke. I feel like someone just spat in my face and the faces' of all the players who were snubbed this year.

The NBA leaves a large piece of players' legacies in the hands of supremely biased and often times flat-out ignorant fans. 

Why do I say that? Pause and think about it. 

When analysts, fans, and even players discuss legacies the top things they reference are titles, MVP awards, and ALL-STAR APPEARANCES. 

Granted, just to be clear from the start, some of the players who should be in the game and didn't get picked to be starters will still be on the teams (assuming all of the head coaches manage to avoid messing up that vote as well). 

Let's start out with the major mistakes made choosing the Western Conference All-Star starters. 

First off, the starters for the West are as follows:

G Stephen Curry 
G Kobe Bryant
F Kevin Durant 
F Kevin Love
F Blake Griffin 

My biggest problem with the West lineup is obviously Kobe Bryant. However, his selection is predictable considering the fans have the vote and he is one of the most popular players of the last 20 years. In the words of Lil Wayne… "Who they want? They want Kobe…"

It has been known for a decent amount of time now that Kobe would be voted in and he has repeatedly said that he appreciates the support from fans, but thinks it's time for the young guys to step in and play. Guess what. He's right. 

Unfortunately, it looks like Kobe will face repercussions from the Association if he decides to completely skip the game. Again, what a joke. As of now it looks like one very deserving player will get robbed of a roster spot.

Kobe being selected a starter has to make Damian Lillard and James Harden absolutely furious. They are the two players that were totally snubbed because of fans' obsession with Kobe. 

I would have had Lillard in the starting lineup in a heartbeat. He belongs. 

Luckily, the coaches are probably going to put both Harden and Lillard on the team. It will be another deserving player who actually gets snubbed completely.

Another huge problem with the starting lineup for the West is Blake Griffin's presence. I mean, are you kidding me? Did everyone forget about the Trail Blazers? 

As soon as I saw Griffin was starting instead of LaMarcus Aldridge I lost all hope for the sanity of those who voted this year.

Don't get me wrong, Blake Griffin deserves to be in the All-Star Game, but not as a starter. Griffin should be the reserve, not Aldridge. LaMarcus Aldridge would belong in the top five for MVP voting if the season ended today so don't try to tell me he isn't a lock to start in the All-Star Game. 

Griffin instead of Aldridge is another unfortunate example of biased, ignorant fans ruining what the All-Star game should be. If you don't believe me, look at the 44 point, 13 rebound, 5 assist, and 2 block performance Aldridge put up last night.

Now for the East. 

The Eastern Conference starters for the ASG are:

G Kyrie Irving
G Dwyane Wade
F Paul George
F Carmelo Anthony 
F LeBron James

Kyrie Irving? An All-Star starter? I guess just like Blake Griffin, being in a bunch of commercials is what it takes to be a starter in this day and age. Although I must say Irving was in the best commercial I've seen in a long time.

Kyrie barely belongs on the roster so don't tell me he is worthy of being a starter. He is one of the most infuriating picks of all, but there is one reason why Irving being chosen makes sense. He plays no defense! It makes him a perfect fit for the ASG itself, but not the selection. If you want to pick a guard who has had a great season for an awful team, pick Arron Afflalo! Seriously, Afflalo has been great this year. Give him the nod. 

Dwyane Wade? For real? Just like Kobe, Wade doesn't actually have to play to be an All-Star. He has 13 DNPs this season! That's over 30% of the Heat's games so far. Sorry, D-Wade. You don't belong. 

Anthony Davis only missed 7 games this season and everyone seems to have written him off, but Wade can do whatever he wants. Once again, bias and ignorance. Davis is more deserving of an All-Star Game start than Blake Griffin and Dwyane Wade combined. Not to start that rant again. 

Instead of getting some combination of John Wall, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, and Arron Afflalo, it's Irving and Wade. What a shame. 

Keith Olbermann, you can talk about how you don't want to hear people complaining about the wrong players getting put in the All-Star Game all you want. I'm going to complain. Something needs to change.