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New Crackdown on Immigration Scams


Effort aims to protect immigrants from getting duped. 

A new federal effort aims to educate immigrants to recognize fake laywers.

Immigration officials are teaming up with federal and state prosecutors, lawyer's groups and immigrant advocacy organizations for the effort.

Antonio Meloni, Executive Director of Immigration Advocacy Services in Queens, applauds the move.  He said these bogus attorneys are pretty savvy and he's seen a lot of immigrants get ripped off.

Often times, said Meloni, scammers play on the fact that they're from the immigrants' home country to build trust.  "They say, 'we know this guy, and we know that guy...give me $10,000 and I'll be able to help you,' and everybody falls for it because that's exactly how it works in some countries."

The new campaign involves a blitz of advertising to educate immigrants how to spot fake lawyers and consultants.