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New Database Tracks Prescription Drug-Related Crimes in NY

New Database Tracks Prescription Drug-Related Crimes Across New York
The new database is the first of its kind in the country.

A new database is desinged to help law enforcement across New York fight against prescription drug-related crimes.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer unveiled the new database Friday. It allows law enforcement agencies across New York to share information about prescription drug-related robberies and burglaries.

Senator Schumer says the tool will help stop criminals in their tracks.

“When it comes to crime- fighting, knowledge is power. This tool will give law enforcement that knowledge and it’ll make a big difference in predicting and fighting crimes,” said Schumer.

Senator Schumer hopes the database is spread nationwide. He says the database will make a big difference in tracking and catching criminals.

“Police don’t have yet established the patterns as well as they would for crimes that they have been dealing with for 20 or 30 years. This is the tool that shows them the pattern more quickly and easily,” said Schumer.

The tool comes after an off-duty federal agent was killed last year in the midst of a drug store robbery on Long Island.