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New Jersey Schools Concerned about Safety on Election Day

New Jersey Schools Concerned about Safety on Election Day
Last year's fatal shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has schools worried about letting just anybody into the building.

For years, schools in New Jersey have been an expected location for polling sites.  But state law prohibits schools from ID'ing or searching voters, allowing just about anybody to enter the building on Election Day.

In light of last year's fatal shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, school districts all over the state are concerned about their students' protection.  Several schools are trying to move their polling sites to other buildings.  Dennis Kopitz from the Union County Board of Elections says he takes issue with this.

"In the suburbs, it's usually easier; you can find a building.  But in the urban districts, there's no other place for us to go!"

One New Jersey school seems to have found a middle ground.  Dr. Nathan Parker is Superintendent of Summit County schools.  He says next week, polling booths at a district school are being moved out of the gym and into satellite trailers, so that voters never actually enter the building.

"I think it'll be a movement, to tell you the truth, because it adds dangers to the buildings."

Bills have been introduced into the state legislature about closing schools on election days.  But they are still waiting for approval in the Senate.


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