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New York City Council Members Push for City-Wide "Meatless Mondays"

New York City Council Members Push for City-Wide "Meatless Mondays"
A pair of City Council members want the city to go vegetarian for one day each week.

Manhattan Democrats Corey Johnson and Helen Rosenthal are pushing for New York City to embrace a national campaign that encourages people to eat meat-free meals on Mondays.

According to Rosenthal, these Meatless Mondays would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and saturated fat intake by 15%, and are an easy way to promote healthy eating habits in schools.

"You educate the next generation so easily by bringing positive attention to the idea of having a vegetarian meal for one day a week," said Rosenthal.

Critics of Meatless Monday say it will hurt small business and restaurants that sell a lot of meat dishes.

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, said he doesn’t think the City Council should get involved with New Yorkers’ dining choices.

"A lot of businesses may generate a lot of their revenue through selling some sort of meat," said Rigie, "and by the government saying to people, 'oh, you shouldn't be eating meat on Monday night,' that could be pretty disappointing to hear."

But Rosenthal argues that Meatless Monday gives customers an excuse to try something new on what's usually a slow day for restaurants.

Legislation to implement Meatless Monday city-wide has been introduced in the council for the Health Committee to vote on.