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New York City Proposes 3.35% Boost In Water Rate

New York City Proposes 3.35% Boost In Water Rate
Water Board Plans to Hold Hearings in May

New York City is proposing a 3.35 percent water and sewer rate increase.

It would be the lowest hike since fiscal 2006.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told the Wall Street Journal that his proposal was "moving things in the right direction."

During the mayoral campaign, he had criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal for a 5.6 percent water-rate hike.

The Water Board is to receive the proposal on Wednesday. It plans to hold public hearings in each borough in May and vote on the proposal May 23. If approved, the new rate would take effect July 1.

A single-family homeowner would see a boost from $992 to $1,025 a year. The increase for a multifamily home with metered billing would go up from $645 to $666 a year per unit.