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New York City's Famous Cobra Has a Name: Mia


Voters in an online poll chose the name Mia, standing for "missing in action."

It's Mia, for "missing in action." That's the name chosen Thursday for the Bronx Zoo cobra that became famous for vanishing.

More than 33,000 nominations were submitted to the Bronx Zoo and New York Daily News in a contest to name the cobra.

The venomous Egyptian cobra went missing two weeks ago and quickly became the stuff of legend. Someone even started pretending to be the cobra on Twitter. The animal was found last Thursday in a dark corner of the reptile house.

Also chosen as finalists in the name contest:


-Agnes, which is Greek for pure or holy.

-Amaunet, an ancient Egyptian goddess. It means "the female hidden one."

-Subira, Egyptian for patient.