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New Yorkers Challenge Strict Gun Laws

New Yorkers Challenge Strict Gun Laws
Gun rights advocates expect court challenges.

Gun rights advocates expect court challenges to New York's tightest-in-the-nation restrictions on guns.

A Republican state senator from Saratoga says her online petition for repealing the provisions has drawn more than 37,000 signatures since yesterday. Sen. Kathy Marchione says if legislative attempts at repeal fails, she'll go to court.

Besides banning assault rifles, the state law calls for mandatory background checks for ammunition purchases and tries to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people who may be a threat.

The head of the state's National Rifle Association affiliate says he expects other legal challenges, though the NRA's lawyers were focused Wednesday on President Obama's national gun control proposals.

A lawyer in western New York says thousands of gun owners have contacted him to join a class-action lawsuit.