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NJ Senator Lautenberg Makes Nostalgic Retirement Speech

NJ Senator Lautenberg Makes Nostalgic Retirement Speech
The last WWII veteran in the US Senate recalls his roots.

The last active US senator to serve in World War II made a nostalgic retirement announcement Friday.

89-year-old New Jersey Senator Frank R. Lautenberg shared a 20th-century fairytale with his supporters.  He talked about how he did not let his roots as the son of a factory worker in Paterson stop him from bettering his education after serving in World War II.

"The G.I. Bill gave me the opportunity to attend Columbia and study business," said Lautenberg, "Columbia - I could barely spell it when I [started]!"

Senator Lautenberg said this is a country where dreams are possible, and his journey from poor kid to Ivy League graduate and senator is only proof.  The Senator said he will finish his current term in office, and his dedication to gun safety laws, safe work environments, and the well-being of children will remain steadfast.

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