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NY Senate, Assembly back 'farm-to-foodbank' idea

Photo Source: AmericanTrails, Pixabay


A proposal that would give New York farmers a tax credit for  donating fruits, vegetables and other products to food banks is gaining momentum in  Albany.  The Republican-controlled state Senate and the Democratic-led Assembly both  included the measure in their recommended state budgets this week.

Farmers already donate millions of pounds of food every year, but say a tax credit for  donations would reduce the costs of harvesting and transporting surplus crops that  would otherwise go to waste.  The idea is also supported by environmentalists and anti-hunger advocates who say it  will reduce food waste and help poor New Yorkers get access to healthy fruits and  vegetables.

The tax credit's fate may rest with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has vetoed  the idea before because it wasn't included in the budget.