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NYC DOE Commits $5 Million to Parent-Teacher Collaboration Initiative

NYC DOE Commits $5 Million to Parent-Teacher Collaboration Initiative
The Coalition for Educational Justice pushed to implement the plan to improve student test scores.

Parents came together to celebrate a $5-million commitment Friday on the Department of Education's steps.

Following a dramatic drop in test scores this year, the Coalition for Educational Justice decided that something had to be done to help students adapt to the state's new rigorous Common Core curriculum. They met with the DOE and successfully pushed a new Parent-Teacher Collaboration Initiative.

The main goal of this initative is to increase relations between teachers and parents, especially those who have a child that did not pass the new Common Core exam. In these conversations, parents will get a better understanding of what the test is in addition to learning how to facilitate children at home in their learning.

Deputy School Chancellor Shael Suransky was there to commend the efforts of CEJ, as well as to talk about what he calls a concrete plan to improve test scores.

"They need to have a well-rounded curriciulm that's full and rich and engaging. that's the work ahead of us and that's the work that's going to begin with these conversations between teachers and parents."

The Coalition for Educational Justice isn't stopping here. When asked what their next plan is, Natasha Capers, parent-leader, already had a next step.

"This may not be the cure all but this is a part of it, this is part one [...] we have our college ready community school platform that we're pushing, making sure teachers have the support they need and making sure students have the supports they need as well and really align with getting students to college."

This plan is expected to be implemented in 90 days, while the DOE is proposing a more involved strategy for long-term engagement.