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NYC DOT Aims to Reduce Speeding in Bronx


Officials hope displaying vehicle speeds gets drivers to slow down.

New York City officials are taking steps to slow drivers down along a stretch of Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx.

They put up a new electronic speed board Thursday to alert motorists to how fast they're going as they exit onto Kearney Avenue.  A Department of Transportation survey revealed excessive speeding among 96% of drivers along that roadway. 

Area resident Evelyn Kent said reckless drivers have literally slammed into her house seven times over the years. "They come barreling down that service road...they drag race, you can hear them in the night pushing those brakes, and it's dangerous, really dangerous."

"A little technology can go a long way to bring motorists up to speed on driving safely," said DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.  "Educating drivers and providing information so they can make better decisions on our roads will make streets safer for everyone who uses them."

The new, portable electric speed board is one of three recently acquired by the DOT, and will be dedicated to the agency's anti-speediing initiative.  Officials said it will remain at its current location for several weeks, and can be relocated to another location in the Bronx or another borough to spread its safety message.