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NYC Mayor Signs Sex Trafficking Bill

NYC Mayor Signs Sex Trafficking Bill
Cabbies also being targeted.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed a bill to strengthen penalties against cabbies who knowingly work with sex traffickers.

After considering arguments for and against the bill, Bloomberg signed it Friday on his weekly WOR radio show.
The bill imposes a $10,000 fine on drivers who are convicted of a felony related to sex trafficking. The cabbies would also lose their Taxi and Limousine Commission licenses. The measure targets drivers who assist sex traffickers by driving women to johns.
Bloomberg said, "As we are speaking, I am signing the bill."
The bill's sponsor, City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, said she is "very happy that this is finally happening."
Some opponents of the bill had said they worried it could make cabbies afraid to pick up passengers who are provocatively dressed.