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NYC Pay Phones Offer an Oral History of 1993

NYC Pay Phones Offer Oral Histories of 1993
Manhattan pay phones are now part of an art exhibit.

The New Museum's Recalling 1993 project has set up a toll free number (1-800-FOR-1993) and plastered it on Manhattan pay phones. People who call it will hear a message with information about what that neighborhood was like 20 years ago. 

There are 140 different messages voice of artists, bartenders, club owners, celebrities, and locals
Ray Del Savio is with Droga5, the ad agency that worked on the project.
"There's a huge swath of people we've gotten to speak with and everyone has a story to tell," he said, "It puts you in that head space of being in New York in 1993."
He added that the City is a different place than it was in '93.
"It was really the last year of gritty New York. After that year things started to get cleaned up and for better or for worse some people think it's better today, some people think it's not quite as fun as it was in '93." 
In addition, a 1993 exhibit is now open at the New Museum and runs until May 26.
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