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A NYC Photography Exhibit Hopes to Help Kids Struggling with Disease

A fashion photographer hopes to spread awareness

A new art exhibit that aims to educate people about a rare illness will take place inside Grand Central Terminal. 

New York City photographer Rick Guidotti is the head of the project.  The exhibition, Hunter in Focus, shares the stories of nine people suffering from Hunter Syndrome, a debilitating mental and physical disorder.  It features portraits of kids and adults from ages 4 to 30.  Guidotti said the project has helped kids cope with their disease.

"It's about empowering kids with a positive sense of who they are, through the visual arts and through photography," said Guidotti.

The former fashion photographer added the project gives the public a new way to look at the sickness.

"They're looking at these gorgeous kids," he adds. "It gives an opportunity to steady their gaze long enough to see beyond their disease or diagnosis."

The exhibit will only be on display Friday.  It'll also make stops across the U.S. and in Germany and Poland.