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NYC's Mayor Reveals Part of His After-School Program Expansion Plan

NYC Mayor's After-School Program Expansion Plan
Mayor de Blasio's report on expanding after-school programs for middle-school students

Mayor Bill de Blasio is proposing putting after-school programs for middle school students in every district school that doesn't have them.

According to the Wall Street Journal nearly 63,000 additional students would be served.

According to a report to be released Monday, the expanded program would have more than 95,000 slots and reach nearly 120,000 students. Some students don't attend every day so one slot can serve more than one student.

Currently, about a quarter of the city's 224,000 middle-school students attend after-school programs. With the proposed expansion more than 50 percent of students in grades 6-8 are expected to be enrolled in the free programs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

De Blasio has proposed paying for after-school and pre-K programs with a tax on New Yorkers.