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NYPD Releases Controversial Stop and Frisk Data

NYPD Releases Controversial Stop and Frisk Data
Stop and frisk figures broken down by precinct and race.

The NYPD has released a report that breaks down its controversial stop and frisk policy by precinct and race.

The 2011 figures show that nearly 90 percent of those who were stopped for "reasonable suspicion" were black or Hispanic. Together, the two groups make up less than 53 percent of the city's population.

Brooklyn's 75th precinct, covering East New York and Cypress Hills, had the most stops. Ninety-seven of the more than 31,000 people who were stopped were black or Hispanic.

The next highest area with stops was Brooklyn's 73rd precinct covering Brownsville. It had over 25,000 stops with 98 percent involving minorities. The figures show a total of 685,724 people were detained in 2011. The New York Civil Liberties Union fought for the release of the figures last year.