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Officials Warn of Home Repair Scams after Irene

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Northeast Region, flickr


New Yorkers are being told to watch out for post-Irene scams.

Tropical Storm Irene is over, but now New Yorkers are being warned to watch out for scammers. 

Lisa Harris with the state’s Division of Consumer Protection says home repair and other scams are common after big storms. She said it’s a time when consumers are most vulnerable and eager to fix property damage.

Harris said scammers take advantage of homeowners by rushing them to accept their service.  That’s why she recommended consumers be skeptical and do research before signing any contracts.  

“Often times in an event like this, people are quick to want to repair, want to respond, and we encourage people to really take a deep breath” said Harris.

Harris said scammers tend to back off when consumers have enough confidence to ask questions about the service.  They should also get everything in writing, and get references.