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One on One Talks Johnny Manziel and NCAA with NY Post's Lenn Robbins

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Is it ok for student-athletes to not get paid?

Johnny Manziel has made the headlines again this week but for all the wrong reasons.  He allegedly received a significant amount of money for signing memorabilia earlier this year.  The NCAA is looking into the situation, and Len Robbins of the New York Post offered his opinions on Manziel and the situation. 

He believed that even though Manziel has made some bad decisions, he understands that he is only a 20 year old kid and will make mistakes.  He also stated that if Manziel is suspended for receiving money for signing memorabilia, college football will still go on and be successful without him. Robbins also told us that he believes student athletes will receive some sort of money from the schools they represent, though he was not sure how that system would work.

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