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One on One's Rookie Report: Week 1

One on One's Rookie Report: Week 1 
By Mir Ghouri 
Although this season’s outlook for the Jets looks bleak, their future appears bright thanks to an encouraging 2017 draft class. The class is headlined by safety stalwarts Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. Both were leaders of their respective defenses in college and in fact LSU’s and Florida’s defenses were strong sides during Adams’ and Maye’s leadership. In camp they appeared to have struck up a good partnership and in preseason they have been public about their appreciation for each other’s abilities and what that means for their individual and team’s future. The year seems lost, but it’ll be a developmental year, one of many for the Jets, yet one filled with promise of a defense on the rise. Conversely, The offense appears to be heading for a disastrous season, but gritty rookies like ArDarius Stewart and Jordan Leggett will provide a good core for the future of the Jets’ receiving core.
The Giants instead have a complete roster and are looking to make a big impression on its’ fans this season. Players such as tight end Evan Engram and running back Wayne Gallman Jr are the proverbial “cherry on the cake” for an impressive Giants roster. They will help to alleviate the weakness of the offensive line as both players have excellent catching ability and route running ability. Most experts coming into the draft were too harsh on Engram’s draft stock due to his lack of blocking ability, but it is to be expected of an undersized tight end and therefore the team to draft him must utilize him more as a receiver. Thankfully, the Giants are the right team to utilize his passing due to the weak offensive line and will look to get the ball out of Eli’s hands quicker than usual. For Gallman, this offense will be perfect for him because he is an elite running back in space, coming out of college, and with a weak offensive line, the Giants will be motioning Gallman at receiver or in space often. Both players give the Giants a promising future. Calvin Tomlinson was a standout in training camp and under the tutelage of Snacks Harrison, will be a valuable rotational defensive lineman that adds depth to an already stacked Giants defense. 
Yet again, the Philadelphia Eagles look to be on the rise, but is this the year that they live up to the hype and make it to the playoffs? Considering their 2017 draft haul,it appears to be a bit of a mixed signal. Their first round selection Derek Barnett will be an immediate contributor, but the biggest concern scouts had on him was whether he had peaked in college or not, which is concerning for the Eagles. Nevertheless, will players who typically had more productive careers in college than in the NFL, their first couple of seasons in the NFL are productive, but their lack of further development hampers their ability to continue their success towards the later parts of their careers as teams scheme them out of productivity. One such example is Reggie Bush, who was excellent as a rookie, but soon fell short of exceptions. A defensive comparison would be Jevon Kearse who was elite at Florida and his first three years for the Tennessee Titans, and then regressed. Therefore, Derek Barnett at the very least will be a productive player for the eagles for the immediate future, but in five years might be on another team. As for the rest of the Eagles draft, Sidney Jones will be out for the season with a ruptured achilles and despite his high draft grade, his injury might diminish his potential, but his future in the NFL as a blue-chip contributor remains intact. The Eagles will benefit in two to three years from Jones. The rest of their draft picks who made a splash in training camp are wide receivers Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson. The Eagles need depth a receiver and they'll look to provide it. Interestingly, Donnell Pumphrey, the Eagles’ most well known 2017 draft pick, was used more so as a slot receiver in training camp than a running back, but will be an interesting point to follow during the season. Pumphrey could be the Eagles’ reincarnation of Darren Sproles and will me an immediate contributor to the team.