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Pepsi Beverages Company Will Remain in Westchester


Pepsi Beverages Company, the bottling division of PepsiCo, announced that it will stay at its headquarters in Somers, New York.

Pepsi Beverages has decided to stay at its headquarters in Somers, New York for at least another five years.

Empire State Development, a state agency, announced an agreement that gives PepsiCo a $4 million grant to invest in its Westchester Facility. PepsiCo had received offers from states like Texas and Connecticutt, where they would have received tax breaks for moving their services.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino said he is very pleased with the company's decision to stay in the region. "We fought very hard to let them [PepsiCo] know how appreciated they are here in Westchester, how many jobs that we want to keep here, and we're happy to announce that Pepsi is going to stay in Westchester for many more years."

Pepsi's decision to stay in Somers means that nearly 1,000 jobs will be saved , and another 22 jobs will be created. Pepsi Beverages Company is one of the largest private employers in Westchester County. Astorino noted that if Pepsi had decided to leave, the region's economy would have been severely affected. "Nine hundred jobs would've left with them...when they leave it leaves a big hole in communities."

Eric J. Foss, CEO of Pepsi Beverage Company, said his company looks forward to continuing its work in Westchester. "We're excited to share this news with the local community and the state leaders who worked to assure us that New York will continue to be a great place to do business," he said in a statement.

PepsiCo is also headquartered in Westchester County, accounting for more than 10,000 jobs in New York State.